This post was originally published on this site

This post was originally published on this site

AV is IT, and there’s no going back. The intersection of IT (Information Technology) and…

Belden, a leading global supplier of network infrastructure solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its DCX System, an innovative, high-density, end-to-end fiber infrastructure solution with built-in futureproof functionality for any data center. It provides extremely high fiber termination density in a small footprint, with 3,840* terminations per DCX cabinet, 1,280 terminated fibers per square foot.

There’s been a movement away from customized solutions, and now more and more projects are rinse and repeat.

Navori Labs has flexed its muscle in the QSR and fast casual community with a new enterprise-level deployment for El Pollo Loco

Clive Davis chose Samsung to help transform his Westchester, New York home theater into a world-class cinematic experience.

Rather than the traditional “black box” set up in each conference room or hub, virtual control allows AV professionals to run and control their setup from one virtual space,

A Clear-Com system deployed across National Geographic’s campus by FC-Production allowed the 2022 Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year Awards to proceed

The company supports HRP Live during five-day competition with RF, bonded cellular and more across multiple venues

Barry X Ball looked to LG to provide an art-worthy display solution that excels at presenting detailed, high brightness images

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