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Vaddio IntelliSHOT-M & Chief Voyager AV Cart

Vaddio’s first Certified for Microsoft Teams camera, the IntelliSHOT-M Auto-Tracking ePTZ, and the Chief Voyager Manual Height Adjustable AV Cart are the latest in a long line of innovative solutions from Legrand | AV.

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Vaddio IntelliSHOT-M Auto-Tracking ePTZ Cameras

Want a conference room that works for everyone, inside and outside the office? You need a great camera. Want a great Microsoft Teams Room? You need a great camera that’s Certified for Microsoft Teams. Enter Vaddio’s IntelliSHOT-M Auto-Tracking Camera, its first Certified for Microsoft Teams camera!

Vaddio’s IntelliFrame™ technology is what sets this IntelliSHOT camera apart. Built-in intelligent framing algorithms keep your participants in view, and can auto-track presenters in a board room, or frame a cluster of co-workers in a large conference room. IntelliFrame doesn’t use facial recognition to frame participants, its sensitive motion detection and sophisticated algorithms don’t mistake portraits hanging on a wall for speakers, and it has no problems with participants wearing a mask.

An AV integrator like CTI can customize the IntelliSHOT-M’s for the room its installed in, adjusting autoframing for speed, how often it moves or adapts to people entering and exiting the room, image size, and more. If the 30x zoom built into this HD ePTZ camera doesn’t work for your Teams Room, the installer can cap the zoom level to keep images looking their best. The camera uses USB for seamless integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms, and, should the situation require it, you can override IntelliFrame with the remote that ships in the box.

Remember, while the IntelliSHOT-M is perfect for Microsoft Teams Rooms, it’s a USB 3.0 camera. If you need HDMI or IP streaming, you’ll want to consider Vaddio’s IntelliSHOT cameras. Also, IntelliSHOT-M doesn’t have built-in microphones or audio I/O, so you’ll need a pair the Intellishot-M with a separate audio solution.

Chief Voyager Manual Height Adjustable AV Cart

Conference rooms are expensive, but carts aren’t. The ability to move a complete conference solution from room to room makes it easy to maximize your AV investment: just move the cart to wherever you need it. Chief’s Voyager Manual Height Adjustable AV Cart makes that easy with cable management, camera, and speaker mounts, along with small device storage built-in.

The optional shelf is perfect for laptops, and Vaddio engineered the cart to carry displays as large as 75 inches and up to 175 pounds. Thoughtfully placed handles that make moving the cart effortless without that “Am I about to pull this over on myself” feel that’s all too common with traditional AV carts.

The Chief Voyager Manual Height Adjustable AV cart can mount flat panel TVs in landscape or portrait modes, making it an ideal platform for digital signage you can place anywhere you need it!

Slim, stylish, and ready to make any room a full conference room, Chief’s Voyager Manual Height Adjustable AV Cart should be on your shortlist the next time you need an AV cart!

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