PSNI Affiliation

PSNI’s mission is to provide a worldwide forum for information exchange and problem solving, elevate public awareness of their affiliates’ capabilities, and support their affiliates’ commitment to the success of the solutions they provide.

CTI Is A Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) Member

Founded in 1986, PSNI is a premier network of professional audiovisual and broadcast communications systems integrators. Their independent industry leaders-representing over 60 locations throughout the United States and Canada- design, build, install, and service AV and broadcast systems with attention to creativity, flexibility, and advanced technology. Affiliates are peer-reviewed annually for adherence to the PSNI Code of Ethics, Customer Bill of Rights and their support of the goals and ideals of PSNI.

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Global Project Management And Deployment

PSNI is a one-of-a-kind solution network comprised of a select group of award-winning independently-owned companies globally that collectively generates in excess of $550 million in annual revenue from 60 locations, supported by over 1685 employees nationwide. Approximately 50% of their consolidated staff is skilled in designing, fabricating, integrating, programming, servicing and repairing A/V and broadcast components and systems. PSNI affiliates offer blended intellectual capital from the AV, IT, and broadcast industries. In short, PSNI integrators are process-driven, value-added solution providers. Clients worldwide benefit from working with a local PSNI integrator with whom they can develop trust and confidence to support their AV/IT needs. PSNI affiliates have the capabilities to provide that same service globally with a process that is client-transparent.

The PSNI Affiliate Network Conforms To The Requirements And Infrastructure That Are Best Suited To Support The Client And His Needs. Benefits Include:

Single-source worldwide coordination, deployment, and project management of pre- and on-site fabricated systems.

Custom and competitive managed services to include:

  • Embedded personnel, crisis and preventative service offerings available.
  • Established partnerships with enablers, architects, consultants, specialty designers, and contract support as required.
  • Consistency of wiring, design, products and software programming at each location for ease of system operation.
  • On-site staff professionalism for seamless integration and future service/support needs at each location.
  • Priority integration and timeline/deadline management to meet client “up and ready” requirements globally.

Industry Certification And Best Practices

PSNI affiliates are required to maintain industry certifications as defined by the PSNI Board of Directors. Affiliates are required to achieve InfoComm International’s Certified AudioVisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) status. This designation is based on the total number of Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certifications held as a percentage of client-centric employees per company. Continuing education credits are required by CTS holders to ensure competency and to address ever-changing AV and broadcast technologies. In addition, PSNI affiliate Sales and Project Managers meet throughout the year to collaborate on strategic issues including industry best practices for national or international engagement projects. Affiliates are licensed (as required) in the states in which they do business to provide integrated solutions as well as being certified in most of the technology products that are offered by each affiliate.

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