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Sound Reinforcement Boosts Your Audio

Sound Reinforcement Applications:

  • Churches

  • Hotels

  • Convention Centers

  • Live Theater

  • Lecture Halls

  • Acoustical Enhancements for Dead Spots

microphone, screen and projector rental setup

Enhance Your Event

If your meeting, event, or performance requires sound reinforcement, we can amplify and distribute audio that spans to sizable or distant audiences as well as enhance sound sources during your presentation.

CTI ensures skilled technicians are there to calculate the input signal processing, amplifiers, and outputs to  create clear, balanced audio. This can be achieved by adding in microphones, or personal announcement systems to boost reception.

We have experience in both large and small systems. From amphitheaters to personal sound systems, we will be there to bring a full concert quality resource for complete live event reinforcement and support.

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