Telemedicine Systems

For hospitals, higher education, doctor’s offices and more

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CTI Implements Telemedicine Through:

  • Video Conferencing for real-time consultations
  • Mobile video carts with integrated PCs
  • Tablet and mobile device infrastructure
  • HIPPA-compliant security encryption
  • Networked and point-to-point centers
  • Customized AV training rooms
  • Image acquisition cameras and peripherals
  • Workflow and scheduling management services

Our medical AV solutions can be customized to meet any need.


Technology has always been at the forefront of medicine, while patient experience and outcomes are the benchmarks that matter the most. Healthcare delivery through telemedicine and ambulatory care bring efficiencies that ensure patient and provider satisfaction. Real-time collaboration and remote care can reduce barriers, help patients discuss evolving conditions, and improve relationships with their doctors. These systems need specialized infrastructure for storage and data transfer with HIPAA compliance, while providing secure internal and external communication. Let us show you how to reduce costs and improve patient experiences through our Healthcare AV systems.

Shot of a surgeon looking at a monitor in an operating room


  • Nurse-call

  • Zoned PA Systems

  • HD Displays and Image Viewing

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Data Monitoring

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