Empowering Your Vision: Audiovisual Technology Consulting Services

As architects and designers weave together form, function, and aesthetics, there’s a silent yet powerful collaborator at play: technology. Unlocking its potential begins with active collaboration, exploring innovative ideas, and strategic planning to streamline technology selection for your project.

At CTI, we excel in guiding your vision that shapes the world we inhabit, leveraging our certified team of experts with 30+ years of audiovisual technology consulting, design and integration experience.

Specialized expertise and external perspective to help you solve problems and make informed decisions.

Technology isn’t just an afterthought; it’s an integral part of modern design. It’s permeating spaces in novel ways, presenting both new possibilities and challenges for you and your clients.

Our seasoned team of AV design consulting professionals specializes in seamlessly blending technology with architectural vision, ensuring your spaces not only look stunning but function flawlessly.


A crucial aspect of your programming or schematic design lies in guiding your clients to define clear goals and objectives for technology’s role. This proactive approach not only enhances stakeholder understanding, especially among end users, but also fortifies the foundation of your design from the outset.

By actively integrating technology into your design process, you can significantly reduce delays and revisions, fostering a smoother and more efficient project lifecycle.

  • Understand the evolving influence of technology on spatial design.
  • Stay inspired by emerging trends and innovation in AV system integration.
  • Explore diverse design options and creative solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Establishing concrete goals and objectives for technology integration.
  • Defining achievable outcomes and setting realistic boundaries.
  • Supporting you comprehensively from initial programming to project completion.

Our promise is to be an invaluable part of your architectural design team, working seamlessly within your environment whether it’s BIM, Revit, CAD, or other platforms. We specialize in advising on a range of technologies including Audio, Video, Surveillance, Access Control, Low Voltage systems, and Production & Entertainment Lighting.

Let’s create technology-driven environments that inspire, function flawlessly, and exceed expectations.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions and conference call systems

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Unified Communications

Join video, voice, data, and text in individual and group communications

It was the right company to go with because I knew that I was going to get all hands on deck to meet our very aggressive timeline and I couldn’t be happier.

Carl Mandell, Sr. Director Sports and Entertainment, Subaru Park

When I am working with CTI and want to produce an event, I sit down with my design consultant and I know that we are going to be able to do something really special.

Sarah T., Meeting and Event Planner

There is a friendliness and a delightful working relationship. They are one of us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sarah Maio, VP Marketing and Communications, Wisconsin Center District

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