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Security and Access Control

When evaluating security and access control solutions for your business, it’s important to consider what you plan to protect. Is it your people, facility, sensitive information, or items? Understanding the purpose will help you address the different needs for different items.

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School Safety & Security

It takes planning and expertise to develop a comprehensive school safety and security strategy. Typically these plans include risk assessments, multi-tiered implementation, and cooperation with local law enforcement.

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms, conference room furniture and room scheduling

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Video Walls

Video walls, digital signage and full service wayfinding experiences

What are some common reasons for upgrading or instituting security?

  • Video footage can answer questions for an on-site accident, injury, or break-in.
  • Protect sensitive items, information, or areas of your facility with access control.
  • Capture day-to-day operations and understand problems with inventory shrinkage or employee activity.
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Our CTI Complete service is there for you 24/7 through our dedicated CTI Care customer experience team. Through on-site technical service, recommended programming upgrades, and quarterly reliability checks, your system is covered for the unexpected, as well as planned maintenance. Your teams will be trained to operate equipment with confidence. When critical meetings arise, we help ensure system performance with proactive system testing and an on-site checklist so your systems will be ready when it matters most. Our managed services staff does more than diagnose and repair failures, they help plan for system life cycles.

Your complete Security and Access Control Solution system includes:

  • Video cameras – Robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, with the high definition quality you require
  • System software and panels—intelligence that controls who, when, and where someone has access
  • Credentials and readers—identifies who accesses the door with positive authentication

Once you’ve identified your greatest risk and how surveillance and access control systems can help protect you, we can help design the customized security solution for your needs.

After helping you evaluate these key considerations, CTI will provide a complete security solution with the technology, infrastructure and technical support needed so you feel confident that your people, facilities and sensitive items are fully protected.

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