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Crestron Hospitality Solutions

Smart Technology for the Ultimate Experience

Impress your guests with the ultimate smart technologies. From architectural lighting, motorized shades, and automated climate control to high-definition video and audio distribution, easy-to-use Crestron technology leaves your guests with a lasting impression. Flexible systems and intuitive controls give you and your guests the ability to customize your surroundings on one intelligent, reliable platform. Construct spectacular light shows, create an audio experience with a unique live-music feel, make your guests feel as though they are at the cinema with 4K streaming video, and much more with cutting-edge Crestron automation technology.

Extraordinary Services

Give your guests a great first impression with smart hotel rooms that prepare for their arrival the moment they check in. Your guests will be thrilled when they enter their rooms to artful uplighting that shows off the accommodations, relaxing music, and shades that have been drawn to display the view. Once settled in, guests can use the room’s touch screen to browse through scheduled events, peruse the hotel restaurant’s menu, and book a spa service – without even leaving the room!

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Cutting Edge Conference Rooms

Hosting a large group seminar or conference is easier than ever before with Crestron technology. Your guests will be impressed by the ease with which they can start their presentation and control the technologies in the room. Leading-edge wireless presentation systems enable guests and attendees to stream uncompressed 4K/60 video from a laptop or mobile device with just the touch of a button. Conference hosts can be left to their own devices with full control over the lighting, shades, temperature, and audio volume through a simple touch screen interface. With cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies such as occupancy sensors and room scheduling software, the lighting and AV systems automatically shut down when the event is over and the room is empty. You can be sure that no projector lamps are left on overnight and any system troubles can be remotely solved with Crestron technology.

It was the right company to go with because I knew that I was going to get all hands on deck to meet our very aggressive timeline and I couldn’t be happier.

Carl Mandell, Sr. Director Sports and Entertainment, Subaru Park

When I am working with CTI and want to produce an event, I sit down with my design consultant and I know that we are going to be able to do something really special.

Sarah T., Meeting and Event Planner

There is a friendliness and a delightful working relationship. They are one of us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sarah Maio, VP Marketing and Communications, Wisconsin Center District

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