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State of IT and AV

We are at the three year anniversary of the global pandemic. Within that time working from home has become the norm, Zoom is now a verb, and we’ve all learned the pros and cons of a globally interconnected economy. Now that the new year has arrived you are preparing to support your team and organization with whatever their AV and IT needs will be this year. This blog will be your “You are Here” star on the map of the year.

Security in AV and IT

Keeping your network secure continues to be priority one, and two and three. The network security ninjas in your group help with education and software. It’s on you to make certain the gear that touches the network doesn’t create a security threat.

Work with a trusted vendor or partner to get the gear before you put in a PO. Manufacturers are generally happy to supply equipment to get Pen tested. Anything that you and your team expect to put on the network for control, signal routing, or monitoring should go through this process. Yes, it’s an extra step or two in design and implementation, but it will save you months of headaches and other meetings.

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AV over IP

Sending audio and video signals over the network is maturing as a technology. Several questions remain for you and your company as you consider which flavor install and use as the foundation. Your first decision to make is what is the biggest resolution you’ll want to deliver. HD is a great answer, but systems are being deployed that can bring 4K and 8K as well. It all depends on how quickly you intend on replacing the system and what you believe the biggest signal will be.

Compression is not necessarily a bad word. It depends on how you use it, and how you compress. Delivering HD video over a single Gig network is pretty standard currently. You get any higher than that, you will experience loss in colors and quality.

Finally, there is the matter of control. Not every AV over IP system gives you the option to send control and automation signals along with the AV. Control is an excellent option to include and should absolutely give one company an advantage over competitors who don’t provide that function.

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AV Supply Chain

By this point you’ve made a difficult decision whether to wait out a particular company who can’t ship yet. Considering whether to stick with a standard over getting a room up and running is a difficult choice. But it’s one that must be made.

AV manufacturers are doing some great jobs redesigning systems, chip sets, and gear to meet demand. Their smart engineers are creating something out of thin air to get you and your cohorts the products to get the systems up and functional as soon as possible. If you are absolutely sold on only staying with brand X, then you’ll have to wait until they can ship. However, if you’re ok with the room working even without brand X then most vendors can help you.

The backbone of an organization’s technology remains the IT and AV infrastructure. Your next couple of rounds of budget meetings will be difficult for sure. Consider the security and network requirements for your company and when you can get gear. This will help you survive the next year as we all get over this latest hurdle and back to work.

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