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Entertainment to product unveiling, meetings to exhibitions, we have the expertise and training to help produce and manage your event.

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We can create a cost-effective solution for your event with most innovative equipment and technology

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Experience cost effective face-to-face meetings at a distance. On-site equipment setup available or use one of our facilities.

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We offer scalable, interactive, customized and cost-effective webcast solutions for a range of needs.

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St. Louis AV is now CTI Through this rebrand you will see the same experienced staff with a new logo and broader event reach through CTI It’s that simple.

  • New logo

  • Same people

  • Continued excellent service

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been operating as “A division of CTI” for almost four years, and the timing felt right to simplify our name and unify the brands. The brand recognition of both names is strong and will ensure an easy transition.

St. Louis AV is rebranding to the company name, CTI You will see a new logo on our shirts, badges, and vans, with the same friendly, knowledgeable team. Our crew has new email addresses and will be reaching out for those updates.

Our people, their phone numbers, and high quality equipment and service you have known for years remain unchanged. Expect the transition to be seamless with a new logo and broader reach to cover your events nationwide.

The same team you have known and loved for years, plus a few additional faces with more resources under CTI Your account manager is the same and the rock star crew in St. Louis is, too!

No, invoices and Tax ID remain the same with CTI, so the W-9 on file and remittance address is current. If you wish to contact our accounting team at any time, please reach out to us for any questions or concerns.

Yes! Our order, quoting, and billing systems all remain the same, so everything is on file and will be valid for your next event.

We are still on Adie Road in Maryland Heights (but in a new building next to the old one) at 11687 Adie Rd., Maryland Heights, MO. Stop by and check out our new place!

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