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Logitech Collaboration Partnership

Logitech and CTI support hybrid work with easy to set up and simple to use video collaboration solutions that are built for both the office and the remote worker.  Our solutions encourage meeting equity and equal participation by allowing everyone to be seen and heard clearly, which creates an equitable meeting experience for everyone.  Our people-first approach to design is why we’re loved by end-users and the first choice of IT leaders. Our goal is to help people and teams work better together from anywhere without compromising on quality, productivity, or the creativity that comes from collaboration.

CTI and Logitech work together to provide you customized AV solutions

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Logitech Sight

Logitech Sight is an AI-powered meeting room camera that helps remote attendees feel like they’re actually seated at the table. Compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace.

Rally Bar Huddle

Ensure everyone can be seen and heard clearly during hybrid meetings. AI video intelligence, advanced sound pickup, noise suppression, and ongoing software improvements provide a clear and natural meeting experience for remote workers.

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Logi Dock Flex

Logi Dock Flex is a managed docking station that enables easy and personalized desk booking for employees and simple device management for IT.

It was the right company to go with because I knew that I was going to get all hands on deck to meet our very aggressive timeline and I couldn’t be happier.

Carl Mandell, Sr. Director Sports and Entertainment, Subaru Park

When I am working with CTI and want to produce an event, I sit down with my design consultant and I know that we are going to be able to do something really special.

Sarah T., Meeting and Event Planner

There is a friendliness and a delightful working relationship. They are one of us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sarah Maio, VP Marketing and Communications, Wisconsin Center District

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