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Are you geared up for the rapid growth of VR and AR? The pending impact of these technologies should not be overlooked. Here’s what you should know, and how you can get prepared for the growth of VR and AR in 2019.

Back in 2016 VR/AR was a $10 billion a year business. By 2023, it is projected to generate nearly $300 billion in revenue.

AR and VR are already changing the way we interact with AV in the workplace or any collaborative setting. This trend shows no signs of settling down. Up until recently, gaming has been the largest business segment, an obvious area for VR and AR to thrive. But fields like medical, education, real estate and design are set to take advantage of the immersive experience these technologies bring. VR and AR have very much moved from being a toy to being an incredibly useful tool.

Opportunities in AV integration are many and varied. AR and VR technologies, and the resulting software and hardware development, will make team collaboration easier. Universities and medical facilities will have greater ability to train and equip learners for complex tasks. And a sales force will be able to walk clients through 3D renderings of potential office spaces, homes, renovations – really whatever large-scale customizable item a person might want to purchase.

With the technology quickly advancing and interest level increasing even more quickly, you barely have time to geek out at how cool these things are. The markets are there and the technology is ready with new and exciting innovations every day. And in this scenario, we are here to play the trusted and knowledgeable matchmaker between market and technology.

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multipurpose room with five rows of seating and a projector


Training and simulations are one area where VR and AR have proven to be a tremendous asset.

In higher education, but also in K-12, VR and AR augment learning in meaningful ways. With tools like Tilt Brush, students can explore their creativity. They can experience history and cultures in ways that words on a page, or even an image on a distant screen, can’t compete with. Scalability is another factor. Equipment can be expensive to purchase and maintain, but a relatively small VR device can have the impact of an entire science lab.

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In medicine and healthcare, VR has been providing applications in everything from pain management to socialization for the medically isolated. Using VR, surgeons can walk virtually through a patient’s MRI scan. VR installations in hospitals, clinics and, GP offices can help patients understand their own diagnosis and treatment in more tangible ways.

Man using a computer, keyboard and tablet for his engineering project
two engineers pouring over their drawings


As integrators, we are already using AR and VR in our design consultations. Imagine walking through a virtual tour of the conference rooms and other spaces where your AV installations are planned. You can see real dimensions in this virtual space, so changes in location or size can be made before mistakes are made. This avoids the cost and frustration of getting something that looks right on a blueprint but feels all wrong in the implementation.

Visualization allows people working collaboratively on a project like an engine, teams can make changes and see instantly how that will affect design.

detroit sky scrapers, city skyline

Real Estate

Not only do VR and AR applications give you the ability to imagine yourself in an existing building; the new construction and remodeling are big beneficiaries of the growth in immersive tech. Tools like Microsoft’s HoloLens put you right in these potential future environments, where people can customize plans and move between different environments to get a feel for what those different spaces are like.


Immersive technologies can work their way into every level of your client base. SMBs can benefit from smaller-scale solutions. Enterprise level companies can build VR and AR into their longer-term integration plans with you. As you get prepared for this impact, we will be ready to explore the potential with you.

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