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Audiovisual technology is more essential now than it has ever been. As employees return to work, using different corporate AV business communication tools is crucial for productivity. Use these 10 tips for making your good business AV communication systems better.

1. Upgrade Your Cabling Systems

If you haven’t already, you should consider upgrading your current cabling system. The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic requires you to get different audiovisual systems to maintain communication between employees and employers. Upgrading your cabling systems help prevent interference from nearby devices, improves data speeds, and lifts many distance restrictions.

2. Improve Your Telecommunication Systems

Your telecommunication systems are one of many corporate AV business communication tools that can make working in a hybrid workplace easier. Ensure the software for these systems is up-to-date, so your business can benefit from new features that can improve the system’s efficiency and promote flexibility within the workplace.

3. Implement Unified Messaging

Implementing unified messaging allows your business to use different communications media and electronic messaging methods, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Video messaging
  • Email
  • Fax
  • SMS

This messaging allows your employees to communicate with customers and coworkers across a range of devices.

4. Change Your Voicemail Settings to Meet Different Needs Due to the Pandemic

The Coronavirus changes the way you conduct business. During this change, it’s a good idea to shift your voicemail systems to explain the current business changes to your customers. Your voicemail messages need to be clear and concise. Consider having messages that address many of the changes your business may be facing, such as longer wait times or closing early. It’s also a good idea to use background music when placing your customers on hold.

5. Get the Most from Your Call Accounting Systems

Call accounting systems are a critical audiovisual tool that features various views and controls that allow you to log calls and automate different notifications and reports. To get the best of these accounting systems, review your current system’s features and decide if you need to upgrade or downgrade your services to meet business and customer demands.

6. Revamp Your Video Surveillance Systems

Video management technology is crucial for reopening a safe work environment during the pandemic. Using open platform video management software is an IT solution that can feature:

  • Social distancing detection
  • Tracking technologies
  • Temperature detection
  • Touchless access control

That provides the safest solution for employees and employers returning to work.

7. Improving Wireless Business Solutions

Wireless solutions are another essential audiovisual tool for businesses, especially when it comes to security measures. Security guards and other security professionals returning to work will need technology, such as push-to-talk devices to communicate with additional security members while working. This wireless solution ensures different situations can be taken care of while respecting social distancing guidelines.

8. Boosting Mobility Solutions

During the pandemic, your company needs to be flexible with communications and connections. Employees need secure mobile connections that ensure they can remain productive by completing different tasks for work. IT professionals can help ensure your business provides encrypted, secure, and reliable connections so that employees can complete tasks with peace of mind. Reliable business connections promote productivity by allowing employees to complete their tasks quickly while having access to different business services and applications.

9. Advancing Your Master Clock System

Master clocks are essential for timekeeping solutions, such as bells and alarms that sound at specific times. Advancing your master clock systems allow you to use them with ease, helping employees maintain a predictable work shift as they continue to get familiar with their hybrid workspace. It’s a good idea to make sure your master clock systems automatically update for daylight savings, and email alerts are enabled to notify you when specific changes are made to the system.

10. Improve Intercom/Paging Systems

It’s time for you to review the functionality of your intercom and paging systems. These communication systems are essential for maintaining the proper communication guidelines during the pandemic. If you don’t have either of these communication systems, consider having an IT professional install them to deter crime, improve communication and provide flexibility with communication in the workplace.

Using corporate AV business communication tools helps keep your business going during the current pandemic. Although hybrid workspaces are the new norm, audiovisual tools can help with a seamless transition.


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