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Using your audiovisual platforms and corporate AV business communication tools to stay in touch and collaborate keeps businesses connected and thriving. Video conferencing is one of the most popular ways to meet up remotely, yet it’s also full of pitfalls beyond the inevitable IT issues that pop up from time to time. Here are 11 video conferencing issues you don’t need to worry about, to make your video calls more relaxed and enjoyable.

1 Leaving a Funny Filter On

Don’t make a habit of it, but the odd slip-up with a funky filter makes people laugh. And don’t we need more of that in the world right now? I mean, just ask the “I’m not a cat!” guy.

2 Turning Your Camera Off

It might be against standard video call etiquette, but if you have a sudden sneezing fit, or one of the kids wanders in, it’s totally okay to stop your video for a few seconds. Just maybe not in the middle of a keynote speech.

3 Don’t Tell Your Team They Can’t Eat or Drink

Is there anything worse than hearing someone chomping on chips while you’re trying to go through last quarter’s report? The thing is, these folks might have been on Zoom meetings all day and this might be their only time to snack. Set a policy of being on mute when eating – or take control and mute that person yourself!

4 Stop Stressing About the Mute Button

On a similar note, it’s okay to forget to mute yourself. Unless you have a family member rocking out on the drums or cleaning the house at full volume, it’s unlikely your boss will be incensed that you forget to press the mute button every now and then.

5 You Didn’t Wear Pants

And you’re not the first. YouTube is washed with conference call fails where someone gets up to fetch something and reveals their near nudity from the waist down. However, if you feel rushed to get online and are smart from the waist up only, simply keep it to yourself and, please, don’t stand up until the meeting is over!

6 Interrupting

Okay, it can actually be pretty annoying if one person is hogging all the video limelight and keeps cutting others off. But, just like in the boardroom, if you’re not being given space to make your point, get in there and make a statement.

7 Private Messages in Public Chat

You send a PM to your boss about their assistant, but forget to make it private and now everyone has seen it. Embarrassing. But, as long as you don’t say anything incriminating, it’s not the end of the world.

8 Going Casual

You turned up to your first company video conference in jeans and a t-shirt, and everyone else was in business wear. Again, embarrassing. Simply apologize to your boss and double-check the dress code for next time. The chances are, no one will bat an eyelid.

9 You’re Late

You just got kids set up with homeschooling or on their way to school, you’ve done 15 errands, and then your laptop freezes. You join the video conference late, and it’s even worse because you’re the audiovisual IT specialist and someone was struggling and needed your help! It’s okay, though, because everyone knows these are trying times and, as long as it doesn’t happen at every meeting, most people are very forgiving about these issues.

10 Not Looking at the Camera

Unless you’re using corporate AV business communication tools to do a professional presentation or product demonstration, it’s highly unlikely that direct eye contact with the camera is necessary. As long as your team can see and hear you clearly, you’re golden.

11 Unusual Backgrounds

Everyone’s had a good giggle at someone leaving something embarrassing in the background of their Zoom. Going back to the first point on this list, people enjoy a good laugh. As long as it’s not wildly distracting, try not to worry about it too much. When all else fails, look for options such as “Blur Background” to hide anything truly incriminating.


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