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TED talks are “Ideas Worth Spreading,” and that includes spreading them around your audiovisual business. These 9 top TED talks could get your IT team to take more mindful moments, or they might encourage managers to lead in more creative ways. Find inspiration in the talks on this list.


1 – 8 Lessons on Building the Company People Love Working For

Patty McCord, a former chief talent officer for Netflix, talks about building trust within companies. This video is part of the series, The Way we Work, making it an ideal resource for audiovisual companies.

2 – How to Make Your Stress Your Friend

Everyone experiences work-place stress, from the busiest IT professional trying to explain AV over IP to a layperson, to the CEO. Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal talks about turning stress into a positive, and making it work for you.

3 – The Puzzle of Motivation

A must for managers. In this video, Dan Pink, a career analyst, looks at going beyond traditional incentives and rewards to get to the root of motivation.

4 – How to Speak So People Want to Listen

Anyone creating audiovisual content can benefit from Julian Treasure’s talk. As a sound consultant, Julian uncovers the secrets of powerful speaking and empathy.

5 – Inside the Mind of the Master Procrastinator

Have you got team members who always wait until the last minute to finish projects? Or do you relate to that yourself? Watch this video from blogger Tim Urban who approaches the tricky subject of procrastination with humor and insight.

6 – All it Takes is Ten Mindful Minutes

Andy Puddicombe is a mindfulness expert and wonders when you last spent ten minutes doing nothing? If the answer is never, this video is for you and your teams.

7 – How to Turn Strangers into a Team

Collaboration is the key to many audiovisual projects. How do you get people who have never met before to form a strong and productive team? Leadership expert Amy C. Edmonson has the answers in this video.

8 – Institutions Versus Collaboration

This legacy TED talk from 2005 shows how the business world has developed in terms of networking and corporate structure. A great look at where we were vs. where we are now.

9 – How Diversity Makes Your Teams More Innovative

Diversity really does make your business more innovative. Management consultant Rocío Lorenzo explains how in this fascinating talk.



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