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While many of us may recall the crisis of losing a hand written assignment and the pain of re-doing it. Today’s students live a very different experience. Children have early access to technology in the classroom from iPads to video feeds and this past year amped it up. In our school district the students do almost all of their work on a tablet or laptop. That has been the case for much longer in Higher Ed. 

The importance of audio visual (AV) technology in education should not be underestimated. There are two reasons for this; one, learning via AV creates a stimulating and interactive environment which is more engaging; and two, we live in an audio-visual age which means that having the skills to use AV equipment is integral to future employment prospects. Therefore, exposure to AV technology in education is imperative. 

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The most recent AV solution to hit the classroom at all levels is video-conferencingVideo conferencing has been instrumental in bridging the gap between teachers and students in this era. It has become an integral part of curriculum. Educational institutions are seeing the benefits of learning in an online space. 

Some of the reasons why education flourishes with video conferencing solutions: 

Video conferencing technology can bring learners from all corners of the world into one space. As a result, people with different opinions, experiences, beliefs, and upbringings add to the richness of learning. 

Social distancing, and distance learning, can lead to feelings of isolation. Video conferencing applications facilitate interaction by bringing people together. This tool can also connect participants from all over the world, making it possible to engage local students as well as international students. 

Another benefit of video conferencing is that it allows participants to record the lecture or lesson for future reference. While this feature is not used much when video conferencing is used in primary grades instruction, it can be beneficial for high school and college students who are using online learning tools. This gives students another means to help with studying and exam preparation. 

In addition to uniting students and teachers, video conferencing may be employed to bring in guest lecturers and other subject matter experts. Whether an expert is physically located in the same town or is halfway across the globe, video conferencing can bring everyone to the same (virtual) table. 

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Video conferencing also provides early exposure to skills that students will need in future workspace as well as creating opportunities for various types of learning styles. This in turn gives educational opportunities to a greater segment of the population. 

Donright, video-conferencing opens doors and keeps people connected in a purposeful and effective manner. If video conferencing is still new to you, explore your options and find what works best for your classroom.  

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