a courtroom with AV equipment

Enterprise-level companies, mid-sized businesses, universities, and the medical profession get a lot of attention when it comes to AV Integration. But there are so many other areas for AV to enhance services and modernize industries. With that in mind, here is how AV is transforming a few industries that might just become your ideal clients.

small courtroom with a mounted monitor above the judge's standOrder in the Court

You might not think of the judicial system as a place for AV technology to take on a more prominent role.  But there are so many ways courtroom AV can assist and enhance the judicial process.

For instance, AV has a role to play in the presenting and storing of evidence. With a more streamlined process for managing this crucial element of the law, the courtroom caseload can run more smoothly.

Another area the judicial system can benefit from AV integration is video conferencing. By integrating video conferencing systems into the court, remotely located experts can contribute to the case. Additionally, video conference capabilities allow for video arraignment, with the defendant held in a more secure location.

Some questions to ask as enhancements to courtroom AV is considered:

  •     Can everyone who needs to hear the proceedings well?
  •     Is the courtroom ADA compliant?
  •     Can laptops and other devices be connected to the evidence storage system?
  •     Can video and audio of the proceedings be streamed to an overflow room?

digital map screen at museum, interactive AV

Museum Experience

Museums are becoming more experiential environments. VR and touch interactivity are bringing the subjects of curiosity to life.

Since most visitors now arrive with a smartphone, museums can take advantage of this BYOD environment with mobile content delivery to enhance the visitor experience. 

Another interesting development is how interpretation is becoming a two-way street. Curators and docents still provide context and information based on their knowledge of the museum subject-matter, but wayfinding and interactive displays are enabling visitors to find, interpret, and make their own connections with the exhibits on display.

Woman hand touching screen digital tablet pc. Closeup shot. Small depth of field. Soft focus.Getting Service Right at Fast Service Restaurants

Order and pay from a touchscreen kiosk. Clear communication in the drive-through. No longer a far-off dream, these are elements that more and more fast-service restaurants are making the rule rather than the exception.

And even though fast service also usually means a fast visit, sound and video design should not be an afterthought. Industry leaders in fast dining are beginning to take notice by installing balanced lines that eliminate external noises such as radio frequencies, WiFi, cell phones, along with restaurant equipment utilizing high voltage compressors, and motors.

To add to the experience, new build outs and refurbishments are creating ways for guests to order on their own, and watch a bit of the news or sports as they down that salad, wrap, or burger.

If you are looking to expand technology opportunities to transform new sectors, AV is making an impact on industries you might want to keep an eye on.

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