video conference in a large lecture hall

A critical communication tool that schools and universities should invest in is digital signage. It is effective to engage consistently and immediately with students in an affordable and efficient manner. Educational institutions from across the globe have been installing digital signage to provide timely information to students and teachers.

While no school or university is the same, the use and benefits of digital signage applies across the board. It provides an information network that allows administrators to reach out easily to students, teachers, and other members of the community. The impact audio-visual (AV) innovations have had on the education sector serves as a prime example.

  • AV engages students who may otherwise be disengaged or bored and makes learning more enjoyable.
  • Promotes collaboration and communication between students — education is increasingly being seen as a collaborative exercise between educator and learner, rather than a one-way broadcast of information. Teachers and lecturers must work with their students, and students must be able to flexibly explore and learn in order to get the most out of their lessons.
  • For smaller learning environments, such as huddle spaces, there is a growing trend for turning larger display screens into interactive surfaces. Touch-screen overlays for high quality professional displays are common in classrooms and enable more flexible, collaborative learning through interactivity.
  • Helps students visualize rather than guess — with an AV solution in place, students who learn from seeing and interacting can thrive just as much as those who love to listen. 4K laser projectors which produce extremely high-quality images are an additional tool and serve to enhance presentations and captivate the attention of the class.

Through our partnership with LG, we have access to leading display products to meet the AV technology requirements for schools and universities. LG Digital Signage is an ideal solution for various educational environments such as classrooms, auditoriums, dormitories and cafeterias. Some capabilities that help in the classroom:

  • LG Digital Signage maximizes two-way communication through touch screen and allows you to add interactivity to standard signage using touch overlay systems.
  • With its compact screen size, LG’s signage enables you to deliver information anywhere.

Learn more about how LG products can enhance your classroom and campus communication and contact us today for a consultation to set your plans in motion for return to school.

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