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What will work look like? 

Not entirely sure who, perhaps it was really Simon Sinek, that said “Happy employees ensure happy customers” and vice versa. Today’s employers and employees have a whole new set of metrics for gauging happiness at work, wherever work may be. Sowhat will going back to work look like?  

One thing is clear, change is here to stay. The technology changes we’ve seen emerge from the pandemic have been top notch, from mobile friendly app’s to display solutions and even AI. Technology is playing an important role in helping us navigate how we live and work each day even more than we could have imagined prior to 2020. 

Happy employees ensure happy customers – Simon Sinek

Let’s be honest, we work all over the place.  AV is helping to drive the need for hotel desk setups, flexible working hours, and all manner of remote work. We still need access to clear and consistent communication, which is where technology helps close those gaps. From the kitchen table, cubicle, corner office or conference room the AV technology helps amplify our experience during the day. 

Many companies are exploring ideas with new systems to help promote healthier practices in the workplace. Who hasn’t been somewhere recently with a screening, temperature check and questionnaire?  That is just the beginning. Beyond investing in thermometers, companies are considering investments in Unified Communications platforms and outfitting their spaces to keep their people connectedFor many the investment in employee experience promises an essential ROI: Happy Employees 

This is a great time to freshen up the office space with a more open concept, update conference rooms to bring everyone in, and figure out the ins and outs of your unified communications. A recent online report said 53% of staff have their own annoyances with technology.  It’s even higher in the C-suite at 65%.  When the tech tools don’t function the way we think they should, it becomes extremely frustrating. Partnering with an audio visual integrator is an essential part of ensuring back to work success. Whatever options you’re considering, remember Happy employees = Happy Customers. 

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Your company and the space you occupy has undergone a dramatic evolution through COVID. That change isn’t quite over. As workers return, you and your team need to assess the needs of the company, your workers, and the space. Read more about back to work technology and how it applies to you.

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