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Louisville, KY – CTI,  a communications technology solutions provider for AV/IT technology and live events, helped put on an unforgettable conference for the National Information Solutions Cooperative. 


NISC was more than ready to be together again for their annual Members Information Conference. COVID-19 has made live events tricky to put on, leading event organizers to navigate this fluid situation. 


The MIC has been going on for 47 years, however, this is the first the event has taken place outside of St. Louis. Lead Senior Meeting and Event Planner Sarah Thorowgood began her work on this year’s event 14 months out. She manages a large team to ensure the smooth sailing of the event.


“It’s not just me. It’s bringing together all of the team members that are involved. In our core group, we have about 20 team members that are focused on everything…  We really have to bring that entire team together and understand the program as a whole. Once we understand our mission and what our values are from there we can break it down to the individual areas and understand how we can best serve our members and our attendees,” Thorowgood says.


With it being the first time the conference has been held outside of St. Louis, Thorowgood and other members on the board needed a live events team they could trust.


“CTI is a technology partner to the MIC. They are very transparent to the production of the organization. You don’t know who is really doing it but it is a very well put on show and we’re very impressed and very happy to partner with CTI,” said NISC Board Member Reginal Rudolph.


When looking for a technology partner, NISC looks for a partner open to building relationships and bouncing ideas off of each other. Every year CTI and NISC collaborate to make each conference better than the previous one. They don’t rely on gimmicks to get the point across rather, allowing the technology to speak for itself. 


“Each and every year, it gets bigger and better because their attendees get bigger and a lot more. They have to have larger venues to go to,” said Tammy Joiner, Project Consultant for CTI Live Events. She continues, “Every year it’s just trying to figure out how to exceed last year’s event.”


Years prior, CTI was able to design and implement LED walls with different and eye-catching graphics. This year was no different. The conference needed to accommodate 12 breakout rooms running 108 concurrent sessions over the course of two days. Putting on a conference of this size takes a huge team to complete. 


“We do find ourselves working with a whole plethora of the team,” said CTI Project Manager of Live Events Tim Ronzio when talking about the many moving parts that help run MIC smoothly.


Thorowgood wants all MIC attendees to walk away from this conference feeling inspired and hopeful. She believes CTI has helped NISC achieve this goal.


“Time and time again we see our members walking out of our closing general session feeling the sound that has hit them in the program. Seeing the sessions up on the big screen, being able to feel connected to our speakers. With CTI we were able to accomplish something like a simple idea and place it on a large stage, produced for a large audience who can then take it back to their communities and spread the word.”


You can check out our video on this year’s NISC conference here. Learn more about CTI and our other services on our website. 

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