Courtroom with projector, screen and monitors on the tables

In recent years, AV technology has played an important role in how we conduct business and communicate with each other. Courtrooms today are embracing this new technology now more than ever.

When we talk about courtroom and court-appointed AV, we are discussing creating a better experience and standard for both in-person and virtual courtroom proceedings. Thanks to the pandemic, updated courtroom AV has grown exponentially.

Today’s courtrooms come equipped with displays for evidence presentation. Cameras and microphones now allow for cases to be recorded. The introduction of a digital signal processor for in-room audio pick-up allows for clear audio for all participants. Having a physical presence in courtrooms can now be optional thanks to UC platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The introduction of this technology will take time for complete adoption. One thing is clear, legal teams are on board. Potentially this will even lead to a new wave of technology being utilized in courtrooms. We could see virtual reality being used as evidence, allowing participants to relive certain experiences. Or the introduction of AI systems in the courthouse, providing a more streamlined approach to certain tasks and access to certain information.

All parties agree that justice being served is the main goal. New technology is making that a reality. From remote hearings to AV over IP courtroom overflow, upgrades are keeping justice accessible for all.

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