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Crestron Sightline Rooms Deliver Meeting Equity

Sightline’s AI drives an engaging and immersive conversation for every attendee, whether they’re in the room or at a remote location.

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Crestron Showcases How to Achieve an Inclusive and Equitable Hybrid Work Experience with the Sightline Room

Achieving True Meeting Equity: Sightline and Intelligent Video

Achieving True Meeting Equity

The key to a great remote meeting experience starts in the room where the in-person attendees are seated, believe it or not,” says Crestron’s Director of Product Marketing Lauren Simmen. It’s hard to stay engaged in a meeting when you’ve got the “view down the bowling alley” from a single camera pointed down a long table. Things get worse as the in-room attendees turn to follow the conversation and the remote viewers get the back of the head, hiding facial expressions and, all too often, diminishing the audio quality.

The Intelligent Video in Crestron’s Sightline uses multiple cameras and AI to automatically frame and edit together close-up shots of the speakers The conversation cuts from one person to the next with the familiar visual language of a television show. Instead of ‘screen fatigue’ from trying to follow a dozen tiny boxes of video or read tiny faces at the far end of the table, remote attendees get a clear view of the speaker and increased engagement.

Sightline also makes sure remote workers are seen by the attendees in the room. “If a remote worker’s not in your peripheral vision, you’ll tend to overlook them when you’re attending a meeting or class in-person,” says Simmen. Sightline employs multiple screens in the conference room to keep them visible from every seat at the table, not forgotten.

Meeting Equity Is Not The Same As Equality

Giving everyone in a meeting the same equipment is equality. Giving everyone the tools they need to equally share in the meeting, that’s equity. Crestron’s Sightline

If Crestron’s Sightline sounds like a solution you’d like to explore for your conference room, or if you have any other communication, presentation, or AV needs, CTI’s team is trained in the latest technology, and ready to listen to your needs and objectives. We can design, install, and maintain the highest quality communication, presentation, and communication services. Every project comes bundled with CTI Complete, which includes CTI Scout real-time remote tracking and alerts, on-demand service, and support from the CTI Care Team.

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