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For immediate release – September 9, 2022

Contact: Tim Albright, Chief Marketing Officer | tim.albright@cti.com

Orange, CA – CTI, a communications technology solutions provider for AV/IT integration and live events, is adding the AV consulting and integration arm of Cibola Systems in Southern California to bring our customers a technology-rich environment nationwide. Lisa Perrine will continue to lead Cibola’s business consulting services, focusing on hybrid work design and corporate social responsibility.

“Cibola’s values have always enabled the work we do: respect for other perspectives, the desire for lifelong learning, and business ethics that emphasize doing what we say we’re going to do. Cibola’s team of creative problem solvers enthusiastically collaborates with others to meet our Client commitments – no matter what it takes,” said Cibola CEO Lisa Perrine.

Cibola has been intentionally small for most of its existence but providing excellent client service has gotten trickier with supply chain issues and increased demand. Over the past two years, Perrine saw the need to offer 24/7 coverage and more resources to Cibola’s client base.

“We’re excited about adding Cibola’s AV team to CTI. Cibola is known for its quality and professionalism in the AV world and will help CTI deliver a fast, flexible, and fair experience to our customers. We’re excited to have them on board,” said John Laughlin, President and CEO of CTI

For 51 years, Cibola’s core purpose has been to help clients build healthy workplace cultures and deep customer relationships through strategic communication. The addition of Cibola’s AV division to CTI will continue to hold true to those core values, honoring the company’s commitment and sharing the valuable things we learn together.

CTI is looking forward to incorporating Cibola into our already great consulting and technology team, making them stronger in the long haul.


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CTI is a complete solutions provider for audiovisual, video, and information technology integration that delivers systems design, engineering, installation, technical support, video conferencing, event production, content creation, and broadcast services. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with over 30 offices operating nationwide, they serve clients in the corporate, education, healthcare, and government markets, since 1988. Visit our website to learn more.


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