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How is digital disruption making an impact on AV integration? For starters, encountering AV in daily life is all but unavoidable—a great problem for us to have. In an era when screens are ubiquitous, from enormous video displays found in sports complexes, college campuses, and retail hubs, to handheld devices people can hardly keep their eyes off, AV integration is in something of a golden age.

This enormous opportunity is changing the way we work. This is all part of the larger movement of digital disruption. Here are a few reasons why AV needs to embrace digital disruption, and the challenges and opportunities you need to pay attention to in your business.

abstract pattern, network linesDefining Digital Disruption

Briefly stated, digital disruption is what happens as new digital technologies and business models affect how business is done and even the value proposition of a given organization. In other words, you can either get on board with digital transformation or let disruption negatively affect your value proposition. Just ask Blockbuster.

In some ways, AV has been a lagging indicator in the digital disruption landscape. In the verticals we serve, we still install and service traditional flat-panel TVs, control systems, and video switches. But cloud-based applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) are roaring forward into the AV integration space, so we need to be aware of what’s happening, so we are not caught flat-footed. From the way people consume and share information and collaborate in work, to the way meetings are conducted, digital disruption is happening in the AV landscape, and you need to have a handle on it.

The AV Response

Responding to digital disruption and embracing digital transformation in AV can happen at several levels. Consider security solutions (surveillance, access control, and secure network infrastructure), ongoing innovation in digital signage, and collaborative communication. Beneath all these tactical and structural advances are the real disruptors: Cloud computing, IoT, and AI.

Here are a few ways these disruptive technologies can be harnessed in AV integration.

tablet, phone and laptop all connected to a cloudCloud Platforms

The cloud has had been a major disruptive force in every business sector, not least of which is AV. In many organizations, video production and especially storage is ad hoc. Every department and even each team might be doing things a bit differently and using different video solutions.

A cloud-based video platform used company-wide would enable teams to create and store videos in one central location, with access on a need to view basis.

Companies who invest in a cloud-based video platform as part of their digital transformation strategy can look for the following benefits:

  • Speed and flexibility: Employees will be able to create, find, and share videos with no muss and no fuss.
  • Efficiency: Scale your clients’ video platform up or down with fewer infrastructure changes.
  • Security: A cloud-based system gives you and your clients more control over who can access content.
  • Easier collaboration: Teams can work easily, with advanced planning or even on the fly to create or view video content, set up a meeting, and get things done.

IoT and AI in AV

As the world, the workplace and our personal devices become more interconnected, the AV side of IoT will continue to offer new opportunities for AV to flex its muscles. From crowd interactivity at physical and e-sport events to getting the lighting, sound, and presentation automatically calibrated and cued up as you enter a conference room, IoT is helping work and play run smoothly through well-executed AV solutions.

We have beaten the AI drum loudly over the past few years. From wearables that help retailers identify the right messaging for a given customer, to AI-enhanced audio and speech-to-text capabilities in higher education, AI is creating new opportunities

Seizing the Opportunity

You can either embrace digital disruption or become a business dinosaur. Businesses that don’t adapt are not going to last long in this digitally transformative environment.

We think the pace of disruption will slow, but it does not, and the results over the past 10 years alone have been nothing short of revolutionary. How can you help clients join the revolution? Here again, disruption becomes an opportunity to shine, or an example of a failure of imagination.

The revolution will not be televised. It will be live-streaming if you give your clients the right tools.

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