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Colleges and Universities have adapted quickly over the last year and have adopted not only new classroom technology but new capabilities as well. The Institute on Aging, for example, has started utilizing podcasting and broadcasts as a means to reach a larger group of individuals. As new systems and tools become available, higher education managers and IT leaders within those spaces are looking to integrators to help get them in place as soon as possible. 

More and more online education is happening at smaller schools. Classroom technology managers and IT departments are always looking at how to expand and scale to improve the quality of education their students are receiving. So many students have adapted and learned how to attend school remotely, a large percentage will expect that option moving forward.  

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Source: Inside Hired

In their fourth survey on the subject, The Digital Learning Pulse posted these results about higher ed and online learning. The results show that the majority of students plan to continue with some measure on online course work. Other surveys have shown many students also express a desire to experience in person connection. Whatever the response, it remains clear that hybrid is the way forward for Higher Ed. 

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Having a trusted audio visual partner has never been so important. IT managers are smart enough to look up equipment on their own, but being able to call an AV specialist who works with the new technology every day and is in front of industry trends for advice gives these leaders such an advantage.  

If you’re looking for a solution for your institution, we would be happy to discuss your options and help you get on the right track for the fall.  

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CTI® designs and installs video and audio systems tailored for classrooms. We can help you with individual multimedia systems, as well as build, or upgrade a campus or multi-campus audio visual network.

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