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There are a ton of things to consider when putting on a successful live event. From the venue you’re hosting to the type of food being served, every aspect should be handled with care. That goes for the audiovisual portion of your event. Having great visuals, lights, staging, scenic, and sound keeps guests engaged with the event. Here are a few things to consider when putting on a live event and choosing a professional team. 

Good Partnership

A solid partnership needs to be established between the live event production team and the customer. They need to be on the same page when putting together a live event and be able to deliver the client’s message to the attendees. Clients need to hire a good live event team that has their best interest in mind. A production team wants customers who care about the audiovisual portion of the event just as much as everything else it entails.  

Good audio and visuals

Quality content should take top priority when putting the live event on. The audience needs to be able to hear and see what is going on. Making sure the sound system is up to par, the speaker is lit, any microphones are tested, and all the video content needed should be on your list of things to consider. Good AV should not be the last item on your list; It is just as important as everything else for your event.  Remember your attendees are attending to see your presenter and what’s on stage, make sure that they can see and hear them. 

Plan your Event Ahead of Time

When talking about planning ahead of time, it means having a producer for your event. Clients need to have an idea of how the event will run and what components are needed. This will give the team time to fully prepare for the event in question. Last-minute scheduling can lead to items being left out and technical difficulties with the equipment/

Find a Way to Make it Hybrid

COVID-19 caused a lot of industries to rethink their business model. The AV industry had projects and longer wait times for products. In-person live events were non-existent during the lockdown, so live events teams had to get creative and went to full virtual online events.  Live events today will continue to have a hybrid element, and will for some time, allowing people to enjoy an event in-person and online and allow people to attend in person, but deliver the message virtually to those that could not attend. 

CTI has tons of experience putting on a great live event. Interested in putting on a show-stopping event? Connect with CTI and our live events team here.

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