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No matter what type of business or industry you are in, the demand for collaboration space continues to grow. Teams in healthcare, corporate, government, hospitality, and higher education all need to be connected to have the ability to solve problems faster, without travel, and at the push of a button to bring efficiency to the bottom line. The collaborative room design has many considerations beyond the floor plan. Technology for the space incorporates video, audio, and conferencing, acoustic treatments, lighting, room control, and the infrastructure needs to plan within the interior design. In order to evaluate these requirements, key questions should be asked for a successful AV/IT implementation. A starting point when working with your AV/IT Design Consultant begins with asking who the users are, and what their tasks are in the space. How will information flow; is it one way, does it need to be recorded, what types of content will be shared? If there are virtual users, how many will join in and how will you connect? Additionally, it is important to consider the user group dynamics beyond the size of the audience. Are there physical limitations, accessibility, or privacy needs? How can the room be designed and equipped to be user-friendly and highly interactive to accomplish the goals for the group? Room configurations for spaces with multiple-uses have become increasingly popular to maximize building efficiency, so it important to understand how the space will function to support its varying purposes. Flexible rooms with architectural connectivity to power, control, and join network and audio video are the trend for versatility. How will the lighting impact visibility? The brightness of today’s projectors when combined with screen technology is better than ever. But it still is important to consider natural light, shades, and additional lighting and dimming options for best viewing. To choose the right equipment to showcase content in these spaces requires knowing the brightness, viewing angles and resolution requirements necessary to include in your plans. These are a few questions to consider for aligning your needs with planning to help determine design requirements and technology selection. A collaborative space plan includes so much more than the physical environment. Partnering with an AV/IT group who has experience designing, implementing, and maintaining the latest technology ensures solutions match end-user needs. You can experience some of the latest technologies from Harman/AMX, Christie Digital, Da-Lite, Chief and Milestone that are found in collaboration spaces at the Texas AIA at our booth #303. Can’t make it to Texas, but want to learn more? Contact one of our Design Consultants today at (800)743-6051.

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