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2021 has brought in numerous innovations in the world of AV technology from massive digital structures for maximum visibility to small products designed for personalized conference calls. CTI takes a look at a few of the products that stood out to us this year so far.


Samsung’s The Wall 

Earlier this year, Samsung announced the 2021 launch of “The Wall”. The boundary-pushing Micro LED display is designed for businesses looking for an elevated view through an immersive picture quality. The AI processing and versatile installation offer boundless flexibility for their content. The Wall’s first-of-its-kind Black Seal Technology blankets the screen with perfect uniformity. The 2021 model is available in select markets. Check out their website for more information.


Shure’s Microflex A400MB

From the largest product to the smallest, the Microflex A400MB provides confident control over audio muting during conference calls. The muting accessory works with the Microflex MX395-LED low-profile boundary microphone as well as their gooseneck microphones MX405, MX410, and MX415. The A400MB fits like a washer between the microphone body and the table or podium. The washer design allows all the wires to stay hidden and out of the way. The mute button is customizable, allowing users to address a variety of room types. 


Creston Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams

Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams brings best-in-class video conferencing capabilities helping users maximize productivity, whether in-home or at the office. The phone offers one-touch Teams accessibility to offer quick and easy meeting experiences for users. The multipurpose phone frees up the need for other devices, making them a productivity tool.


Legrand’s Collaborations

Lastly, it was hard to choose just one product from LeGrand, since the company has announced numerous collaborations with other manufacturers throughout the year. However, some notable partnerships include their Building Control Systems Vantage teaming up Environmental Lights and Vantage partnering with Proluxe by American Lighting to form a strategic alliance. 


Conference Technology Inc. would like to thank our sponsors from this year’s Palooza event. 


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