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Products You Can Deploy in 90 Days

You’re ready to make the AV system in your main conference room state of the art. Maybe it’s time to update the huddle rooms. Or you’re looking to -finally- update the cameras and mics the company uses for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You’ve got budget approval. You start making phone calls.

The response?

“No problem. We’ll have the hardware you want in twelve months.”

“If,” the salesperson adds, “it ships when they say it will.”

CTI has a better way!

Products You Can Deploy in 90 Days. Microsoft Teams and Zoom rooms, audio, displays, projectors, full control systems, AV over IP. Pretty much anything you need for AV or Unified Communications.

Ordered, installed, and completed, in 90 days. Guaranteed. Let us help you jump-start your next AV project today.

How Can CTI Deliver and Install in 90 Days?

We decided to focus on what we can do to help you get what you need. Many of the most common AV products from the largest vendors in the industry are sold out, or simply not available to order through late 2023. Many of our partners don’t expect product stock and delivery times to return to pre-pandemic levels until sometime in 2024.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait. It might mean being flexible or trying a new vendor. Any (and nearly every) AV integrator brags about their ‘close relationships with their partners.’ We do too. But we’re taking it to the next level.

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What About Supply Chain Issues???

Everybody’s heard about supply chain issues, especially for chips, and how they’re making production take forever. It’s easy for a manufacturer to promise they’ll have stock and be able to ship. Our technical team has taken a ‘trust but verify’ approach, by literally cracking open boxes and verifying the availability of the parts inside. If there are 9 of those chips in stock across major suppliers worldwide, that doesn’t sound like a product we want on our list!

We’re also sourcing US-manufactured gear whenever possible to minimize the chance of containership delays. Short production times because you own your factory? Vendors that can re-design and implement design changes in-house? That’s the difference between waiting a few days and a few months for a product!

We’ve also made it easy for our Design Consultants and Engineers to track which products are delayed with CTI’s Timeout Process. Timeout flags equipment in our catalog that is either long lead time or not functioning as intended. A product hitting the end of life is another reason we’d flag it. The catalog is updated regularly. Our goal is to keep you from ordering -any- product that might delay your rollout. Ready to roll our your next upgrade? Contact CTI!

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Can CTI Install Anything In 90 Days???

If your deployment demands a particular device that won’t be available for months, there’s not much an installer can do. There are custom products that had long lead times before COVID. And, yes, we have limitations: we -probably- can’t install 300 huddle rooms in 90 days. But we have offices nationwide, and global partnerships through PSNI, so we can certainly get the job started in 90 days!

Products You Can Deploy in 90 Days

You might be thinking, sure, CTI can deliver monitors and sound bars. But what about something complex, like automation and control? We’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of product categories we can fill.

  • Control

  • Microsoft Teams & Zoom Rooms
  • AV Over IP
  • HDMI Extension and Routing
  • USB Extension
  • DSP & Amplifiers
  • Ceiling Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • LCD Displays
  • DV LED
  • Mounts
  • Electric Screens
  • Projection
  • Projection Mounts

If your CEO is ready to update the conference room, if you’ve got budget to spend before the end of the fiscal year, if you’re tired of your current AV integrator telling you it’ll take months, contact CTI and we’ll get a design consultant in touch with you ASAP!

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