A group of about 50 CTI employees standing outside of the corporate office

By John Laughlin, CEO & President

When I look ahead and plan strategies, I take time to evaluate what has been accomplished. As I assess the feat of CTI® marking its 25th year in business, and the exponential growth we have achieved in the last year, it is with gratitude that I share the values that continue to shape our success.

The People – Without a doubt, our achievements are due to our people. It is a theme I have referenced before but is the reason we are here, from employees to vendors, to clients. Technology is mechanical, computerized, and autonomous. Because of that, it is crucial for us to balance the way we work to keep processes seamless, approachable, and accessible between our teams, and above all, our clients. We operate on a highly personal level to understand our customers, as their experience and needs are the ultimate focus. As employees, we commit to working with our teammates as we would our customers. We all serve each other and cannot operate independently. That strong emphasis on interconnection and an attitude of shared goals fosters strong relationships that are rooted in results.

Talent – As we have grown, it has been measurable to observe how talent shapes our company. We have an established core team and a knowledgeable infrastructure to integrate new people, but agility is the key driver. One great advantage of growth is gaining the opportunity to learn from new talent. This keeps our company ideas diverse and evolving and allows us to review how our current methods work or can be modified. When we have unique projects, we share outcomes with remote teams to develop companywide resources. If we see gaps in skills and as technology advances, we train and invest in our people as industry leaders. The value of certifications is very high and we reward and empower our technical staff to achieve these. We cultivate independent thinkers who can make sound moves toward our mission.

Culture – Because we implement technologies that connect our clients, we have a tremendous focus on bridging our own teams. We experience the value of Video Conferencing, Unified Communications, and others, first hand. This collaboration has helped us to achieve and manage growth for onboarding and culture. Workloads increase when new teams are brought on or realigned so developing a philosophy of cross-training, data sharing and support is critical. To remain efficient, successful alignment must be accelerated. Technology promotes that. This also helps employees achieve a trainer or coach perspective, which transfers to leadership and engagement. Employees embrace learning when we ensure there are opportunities for it. The collective knowledge and linked values are the heart of our culture. We have a distinct ability to champion and share success stories with our clients on how culture can be supported through technology.

Vision – As the CEO of CTI., sharing the vision and leading the way is my utmost honor. I connect with teams daily to discuss the direction and philosophies we are all working toward. The value of transparency with my employees helps them know our goals as a company, and not just financially. Trust within the organization fosters commitment, dedication, and the best performance. When everyone contributes to the success and is a part of a shared vision they are fulfilled and united, which is the best way to serve clients and ensure the value we hold for our people progresses full-circle.

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