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As Virtual Courtrooms become necessary, it is critical to have standards that support access to justice within the courtroom environment and utilize web video platforms with high tech courtroom technology for safe and efficient proceedings.


  • New laws to allow for remote video proceedings

  • Created processes to submit exhibits virtually

  • IT teams developed the infrastructure and training for the courtroom technology

  • Established guidelines on how to manage virtual courtroom appearances

  • Connected all the necessary parties to maintain the court record

Congressional CARES Act funding is available to assist with integrating the technology and resources for courtrooms to manage virtual proceedings.

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Getting started with your virtual courtroom

CTI is the leading audio-visual integration company for the US court systems. For over 20 years, our dedicated Justice Division team has designed and implemented courtroom technology, and we are equipped for complete virtual courtroom setup. As courts evolve, CTI is the company that has you covered with its extensive experience installing these platforms for clients worldwide. We can help with all your av courthouse needs.

The power of web-based video conference will enhance your high tech courtroom capabilities instantly.

Easy Scheduling

Participants receive an email with the Outlook invite and a hyperlink to join the meeting with one click.


Our integrated, permanent courtroom video conferencing systems have been the gold standard of courtroom security for 20 years. Our virtual courtrooms and software provided are equally as protected.

Device Compatible

The court can schedule and connect to attorneys who want to join remotely via their laptop or PC.

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Courtroom Technology Solutions

Our solutions range from a simple large-screen display to share the far end video and audio in the court well and gallery, to more in-depth systems that incorporate full audio-visual integration. Our design standards will help your court transition to the Virtual Courtroom and Online Dispute Resolution environment with ease.

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Conference Rooms

Audio visual solutions and sleek, custom furniture combine to create a seamless conference room.

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CTI Connect

Through our dedicated global network, we enhance your virtual meetings with room rentals, concierge services, 24/7 bridging, recording, testing, monitoring services and more for a custom communication solution.

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Control Systems

Simplify lighting, shade control, input switching, scheduling, maintenance, security, display systems and camera adjustments.

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