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Business collaboration used to require little more than walking to someone else’s desk on the other side of the office. But then the pandemic hit, offices closed, and the entire world changed.

In the post-COVID business landscape, remote teams crave business collaboration tools that facilitate communication and connectivity. These tools include everything from screen-sharing systems to interactive whiteboards.

But where do you start?

Thankfully, the folks over at Quora have some best practices for integrating business collaboration tools into your enterprise.

#1. What Is the Best Portable Projector for Presentations?

“If you need to lug around your LED/DLP/LCD projector to make visual presentations at a variety of locations, you know there’s a huge difference between a projector that weighs something like eight pounds and one that weighs just two or three. But, can a lightweight portable projector still provide the presentation quality needed for boardrooms, classrooms, and home theaters?”

#2. Which Tool Is Best for Office Video Conferencing and Screen-Sharing?

“It seems that there is no one-size-fits-all solution because much depends on the size and requirements of a particular company. You should consider more than one application.”

#3. What Are Interactive Whiteboards?

“Interactive whiteboards come in a few different types. If the system doesn’t come with a projector, you do need one. Short-throw projectors are preferred for the optimal experience.”

#4. What’s Your List of Best Remote Work Tools?

“For real-time communication: Slack. For time management: Time Doctor. For task management: Trello. For video chat: Zoom. For productivity: Google Suite. For remote desktop: AnyDesk. For password manager: 1Password.”

#5. How Do You Collaborate With Your Remote Team?

“How you build and maintain your remote team culture and avenues of communication can make or break your team. This starts at the top with management that understands how to manage remote teams.”

Final Word

Whatever business collaboration tools you require, you need the right AV solutions to empower office-based, remote, and semi-remote teams. CTI (CTI) specializes in audiovisual and IT technologies for enterprises with a broad range of installation, integration, and maintenance services that drive communication and collaboration.

Do you want to collaborate on projects in the post-COVID future? Learn more about CTI’s corporate AV business communication tools here.

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