AVSI Group Is Now CTI

AVSIGroup, an ICT provider, designs systems and technologies for communication, collaboration and display, seamlessly integrating them into architectural spaces of all kinds. Our work covers all aspects of these projects from conception to design/build/integration, preventive care and maintenance of engineered systems.

Business People Working with Technology

Our Approach

AVSI Group’s work is defined by the end-user experience and informed by constant focused training. Our client-focused approach produces superior systems, tailored to users’ exacting demands. We live in an IP Based world. Our ICT services allow us to provide complete network infrastructure solutions and an end-to-end AV performance guarantee.

A group of about 50 CTI employees standing outside of the corporate office

AVSI Group is now CTI. Through this rebrand you will see the same experienced staff with a new logo and broader event reach through CTI It’s that simple.

  • New logo

  • Same people

  • Continued excellent service

Frequently Asked Questions

AVSI is rebranding to the company name, CTI You will see a new logo on our shirts, badges, and vans, with the same friendly, knowledgeable team. Our crew has new email addresses and will be reaching out for those updates.

The same team you have known and loved for years, plus a few additional faces with more resources under CTI Your account manager is the same and the rock star crew in Houston, too!

Current orders and invoices under AVSI Group will process as usual. New orders will be placed under CTI and our accounting team will provide necessary updates at the time of billing. If you wish to contact our accounting team at any time, please reach out to us for any questions or concerns.

Yes! All existing orders remain valid in this transition. Outstanding quotes will be honored as well. Please contact your Design Consultant with any questions.

We are still at 4464 W 12th Street, Houston, Texas 77055

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