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Educational technology has changed and evolved over several decades. Long gone are the days of overhead projectors and transparent documents. Today’s classrooms are equipped with the latest solutions designed to increase productivity for teachers as well as get students engaged in the classroom. EdTech offers numerous benefits for both teachers and students.

For Students

EdTech allows students to personalize their educational experience. Video conferencing tools have made distance learning a viable option for hundreds of students. Video content allows students to learn at their own pace, allowing them to pause, rewind, and review lectures they may not understand. Now, the classroom becomes a flexible environment for students, allowing them to take their education wherever they are, or, access a better educational platform that was once limited by geography. 

Cloud-enabled tools and other solutions have fostered collaboration amongst students in the classroom. From Google Suite to Microsoft Office, cloud-based apps give students a space to interact in real-time without having to meet in class. Plus, other cloud-based apps allow students to turn in homework and keep up with assignments in one central location. This does put a damper on the “dog-ate-my-homework” excuse but overall students are happy with the outcome. 

For Teachers

EdTech has numerous beneficial features for teachers and educators alike. Artificially intelligent tools have made grading a breeze. These tools free up a teacher’s schedule so they can focus on other tasks, including one-on-one help with students and extra lesson planning time. EdTech has allowed classrooms to go fully paperless, lifting the burden of worrying about a printing budget or trying to keep track of papers.

Video conferencing tools have given teachers the flexibility to pre-record lessons for their students. Teachers now can reach out to their students, even if they are not in the classroom. These tools allow teachers to be creative in their lessons, creating engaging content and fostering collaboration amongst their class.

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