Flex room

Now more than ever, classrooms need to be equipped to handle in-person and remote lectures. Flex classrooms have been able to fill this need. These rooms allow students to participate and feel included regardless of where they are located. The remote students can feel included and participate in the lesson instead of being tacked on. Trimodal and flex rooms have numerous benefits for students and professors alike. 

But First… What does a Flex Room Consist of?

Not every flex room is designed the same; although they all serve a similar purpose, some rooms require certain tools. For flex rooms and trimodal classrooms to be successful, you will need at least a couple of cameras, screens, and a microphone. The rooms are supposed to host classes with active remote participants. These tools need to be strategically placed so both remote and in-person students can clearly see and hear each other.

Flex Rooms Provide Flexibility for Numerous Students

As the name suggests, flex rooms give students the ability to adjust the learning style that best fits them. Students can attend in-person lectures, watch them live from the comfort of their homes, or catch up on the lecture at their own speed. Trimodal classrooms let students take their education wherever they need to be.

Better Use Teaching Resources

Educational technology has expanded the capabilities of professors. With tools like automated grading, professors can spend more time connecting with students. Other tools such as document cameras and interactive whiteboards allow for classrooms to go completely paperless, meaning assignments can be sent out quicker and accessed faster.

Flex rooms are classrooms of the future, ushering in new ways of learning. They provide flexibility for students, allowing them to take the classroom wherever they are. The tools and technology implemented in these classrooms give professors more time to connect with their students personally. 

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