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AV has become a Global Industry. With companies hosting international events, and international companies reaching out for resources, the importance of AV as a global service continues to grow.

Let’s look at the ways working with a global AV partner can benefit companies worldwide:

Benefits of Global Partners

Working with a global network of AV providers offers numerous benefits. Maintaining design standards with global partners streamlines the entire AV project.Without a basic understanding of global technology standards for equipment, programming,and functionality, clients must sift through a number of options without a clear understanding of their needs. Experienced global service partners have documented specifications and processes to meet those standards.

When dealing with international teams, choosing a new provider for each project means a steep learning curve and can lead to errors and miscommunications. Working with an established global partner eliminates confusion and uncertainty by providing the same trusted service in any location. It also ensures access to the same top equipment and quality that clients come to expect. 


Beyond individual companies, international networks of providers like PSNI help support clients in their international ventures. The mission at PSNI is to bring together industry leaders, allowing them to extend their reach and combine assets with other affiliates, along with a “commitment to the highest industry standards”. PSNI holds their partners to those standards, ensuring that clients choosing to work with a PSNI affiliate can count on consistent quality of work. 

Worldwide AV

International relationships require world-class contracts that may be new territory for clients. Organizations like Worldwide AV and their connections with global partners open doors to resources and can leverage technology more easily. When working with international clients, Worldwide AV navigates proposals and helps simplify the contract process to help projects run smoothly. 

As a part of the largest network in the industry, CTI provides an elite team of technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and service partners that can deliver Worldwide AV solutions.Our pre-established teams of providers, along with experienced account managers and project managers take the guesswork out  AV projects.

For companies entering the international theater, working with a global AV partner will  make sure your AV needs are up to industry standards, streamline the proposal process and  simplify contracts.

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